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Pam Pampers Pets

Where animals are treated better than royalty!

Serving McKinney, Allen, Anna, Melissa, Fairview, and Lucas TX

PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter! Bonded and Insured!

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Career Switch: Pam Blanton discovered there’s more than one kind of teacher’s pet.

Pam Blanton, of Pam Pampers Pets in McKinney, TX, has been a PSI [Pet Sitter’s International] member since 2010 when she began her pet sitting business. Like many pet sitters, she discovered the industry after pursuing other career goals. “I have a B.S. in psychology and a master’s degree in education,” she said. “I taught third, fourth and fifth graders in Mesquite, TX for 16 years. Then I moved to McKinney. I wanted a fresh start, but discovered that looking for a new career was a challenge. My first passion in life has always been animals, so I did some research into animal-related jobs. That’s when I discovered pet sitting.”

Pet Sitting was a Dream Come True “I read all I could and joined PSI,” Pam noted. “I figured the certification program PSI offered would be a good springboard to getting clients. So I began my studies and went to work creating my website. Jumping in with both feet, I also found a great animal rescue organization and volunteered to foster animals and help with adoption events.” Pam completed the certification program in 2010 and added Certified Professional Pet Sitter to her list of educational achievements. “Almost four years later,” she said, “I have built up a client base that keeps me busy nearly everyday of the year. It has been like a dream come true to be able to make money for just playing with animals! Of course, that’s not to say some days can’t get a bit challenging. However, it’s still rewarding to know that a client’s beloved pet is getting the best care possible for something that might have gone unnoticed if the pet were in a kennel or being cared for by a neighborhood kid.” Pam believes that it’s situations such as these that have made her training through PSI so valuable. “Many of my clients own pets that are on medication or are seniors with complications that would require someone with knowledge of possible medical issues,” she declared. “I keep my certification manual in my car at all times in case I draw a blank during emergencies. It’s like having a mentor right there with me. Because it’s well organized and categorized, it provides a quick and easy reference. “The program offers important information on first aid/CPR and health, diseases and parasites, nutrition and senior pets,” she said. “My clients appreciate my knowledge on these topics, as it makes me more aware of what might be going on with their pets and how I should care for them. For example, I have a client whose kitty was not using the litter box and her stool was very soft. I was able to offer information about nutrition and suggested she change her cat’s diet to see if it helped. This not only cleared up the cat’s abnormal bowel movements,